Sunday, May 1, 2016

Authentic and Sustainable Peace

Authentic and sustainable peace is obviously more desirable than disingenuous, unsustainable or false peace. False peace, or inauthentic peace might sometimes look like peace. However, it is not sustainable or authentically real.

We should strive to create more authentic and sustainable peace. Sustainable peace is a sort of peace that is lasting and a type that can be maintained indefinitely as long as all parties desire for it to be maintained. Peace can be fragile.

I sometimes wonder if violence can ever help to achieve authentic peace. Self defense certainly seems like something that can help to promote authentic peace. Individuals who engage in criminal acts of violence have reasons for the violence that they engage in. Sometimes the reasons are stupid, selfish, fear based, petty and/or morally deficient. However, they have reasons nonetheless.

Exploring the reasons that individuals engage in criminal acts of immoral violence can potentially help to find ways to reduce and mitigate these reasons. Self defense is something that can help to create and maintain peace in the face of illegal and immoral violence. Hopefully Earth will be filled only with sustainable and authentic peace sooner rather than later. If this achieved, where there is authentic and sustainable peace all over Earth, then Earth will have truly become more Heaven-like.

Where there is authentic peace, there is no fear. There is no anger. There is no unpleasant uncertainty. There is no sadness. Authentic peace is an ideal to attempt to achieve. If using this definition here, some might claim that authentic peace is impossible to achieve. Anyone who might state that might not be thinking courageously and/or creatively enough.

For those who want to help create authentic and sustainable peace on Earth, creativity, patience, knowledge, courage, dedication and optimism may all be required. These things are not bad to utilize no matter what one’s goal is. However, the more ambitious the goal, the more these qualities may be required. It will be good once authentic and sustainable peace is all that exists all over Earth.