Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Write Articles

This is an article about writing articles. Writing high quality does not have to be difficult. If you do not know how to spell a word, then look it up. If you are not quite sure if you are using a word correctly, or exactly what it means, then look it up. Pick a topic for your article. Know what you are going to write about. Know what you want to write about. Do some research if you need to. If appropriate, learn more about the topic that you want to write an article about.

Writing articles can potentially be quite useful, valuable, fruitful, worthwhile, enjoyable, educational, profitable and so forth. There is an infinite number of topics and ideas to potentially write articles about.

Articles can be short or long. Generally, a written article is probably generally between two hundred and five thousand words in length. Anything shorter than that might be better defined as a blurb or note, and anything longer might be better defined as a short (or long) book.

Writing and publishing articles can be a great way to share and disseminate information. Sharing information and communicating can be quite fruitful and useful. Sharing articles that one has written can potentially be a good way to teach others new information.

If one writes enough articles, they can potentially be aggregated and collected and then edited into a book. Publishing books can potentially be quite fruitful, profitable and worthwhile.

Articles can potentially be written collaboratively. There are wikis and other sorts of websites that allow for collaborative article creation. Collaboration can be quite useful when sharing, refining and synthesizing ideas.

Hopefully more individuals on Earth will write and publish articles. Articles can be persuasive or descriptive. Writing and sharing articles can potentially be a way of better the lives of others and also one’s own self.

Writing articles does not have to be super hard. To summarize, to write articles, pick an idea, write a bunch about ideas related to the topic of the article, then organize and edit the ideas into a quality article.