Sunday, July 13, 2014

Establishing Heaven on Earth

How might humans help to establish Heaven on Earth?

Do we need miracles? Should we just do nothing?

Should we intentionally attempt to help establish Heaven on Earth?

How might we establish Heaven on Earth?

Pray to God? Wait for God?

Be kind to yourself and others. Treat yourself with dignity and respect.

Take on as much personal responsibility for your own life as possible.

Seek peace.

If you think that it might be possible, then do what is possible to try and help establish Heaven on Earth.

Heaven is quite a wonderful idea.

We need do nothing. That is a spiritual and metaphysical statement.

Can and will we work to try and establish Heaven on Earth? Are we to just let God do all the work and heavy lifting?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Legalize Suicide

I’m writing this to try and help increase freedom for humans on Earth.

Suicide is not actually illegal in most places. It is effectively illegal in most places though.

Let me also start by noting that I hope that all suicides stop happening.

None of this is not meant to encourage engaging in suicide. Like I just noted, I hope that all suicides stop happening.

However, I think that it is morally wrong to use coercion and force to stop adults from engaging in suicide.

Suicide can relate to theological matters.

Suicide can relate to medical issues.

Suicide can be a moral issue.

Suicide can be a personal choice.

It is immoral to use coercion and force to stop an adult from engaging in suicide.

Persuasion and kindness should be used to reduce the frequency of suicides that happen, not coercion and force.